Knickerbocker Mfg Co. – Cutting Room Collection

I rather enjoy saying the word Knickerbocker, dunno why exactly, it just makes me think of massive milkshakes or little Lord Fauntleroy. I say that, though having recently discovered this American brand of the same name so it now also makes me think of incredibly tasteful clothing when I hear it. This month Knickerbocker Mfg Co. have just released their latest Cutting Room collection that comprises of a water resistant nylon and cotton coverall, a ‘New York’ tube tee, a Cone Mills denim chino and an incredible rust suede Souvenir bag. The concept behind the Cutting Room is that on the first Monday of every month bring a series of new goods back to life and available on pre-sale at a discounted price with the items being manufactured once the sale has ended.  For more info on this unique concept and to peruse the selection some more check out the Knickerbocker Cutting Room page for more details.


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