Six of the Best – Knitwear to Wear this Autumn 

Autumn is vividly underway, which means the sartorial switch from whatever you were wearing to multiple layers, coats, hats and knitwear. Knitwear is undoubtedly a very misunderstood form of clothing, one that the streetwear world semi-rejected and has now scampered to absorb back into the fashion canon. 

We needn’t tell you just how good it feels to start planning outfits around layers, sweaters and coats, especially after they’ve been missing from our wardrobes for so long. We approach summer with vigour after surviving seasonal depression, and we approach autumn with the same enthusiasm after surviving freak heat waves. It’s the circle of life. 

Below is a few select pieces of knitwear that we’re drawn to, covering all bases, from out there cardigans to reliable woollen numbers.

Corridor Optic Alpac from End

Yesterday, myself and a friend checked out the new End store in Manchester, and the first thing we looked at was this Corridor cardigan on the ground floor. It wasn’t just the colour and design that attracted us, but the tangible quality. You can feel how well it’s made from across the room and that’s a quality that’ll continue from the rail to your shoulders. Guaranteed compliments.

Of course, you can head to the new Manchester End store or check it online.

Beams Plus 5G Multi Stripe Wool Sweater from Fresh

Some might say that Beams Plus is to Beams what 5G is to 4G. The comparison isn’t quite as linear as better vs worse, but more nuanced. For example, one of the options, in some people’s opinion, caused Covid-19. The other is 5G. (haha).

The above might not really have anything to do with clothes, but that’s what happens when you call a sweater a 5G wool sweater. The Japanese label has also used Shetland wool, which is renowned for its vibrancy of colour, which means at least five different sheep were trimmed in the making of this sweater.

Our fav people in Turin have this and more at Fresh.

Paul & Shark ‘Speckled’ Turtleneck from Pockets

Paul & Shark makes yachting wear, which, along with Stone Island Marina, revolutionised the paninaro class in mid-80s Italy. Yachting, to mind, is a sport based around ideas of sleekness and class, but there’s something rustic to this turtleneck, in the vein of Steve McQueen or this guy.

Head to Pockets for more.

Fred Perry Jacquard Knitted T-Shirt from Oi Polloi 

It might seem strange, but trust me on this – a short sleeve sweater is a versatile and indispensable piece of clothing, and one that’s rarely seen. This particular number is from Fred Perry, a bastion of British fashion, and this piece is a real modern rendition of a classic pattern and silhouette. It takes everything that’s good from the quintessential Fred Perry polo and transfigures into it something new.

Oi Polloi – of course – stock the piece.

Universal Works Blanket Cardigan from Wellgosh  

Some of the things above are a little out there, and while that isn’t an issue, combining and matching bright colours can occasionally be a pain. Sometimes, you just want an easygoing layer that’s easy to pair with muted tones. This piece from Universal Works is elevated by contrast stitching and has a nice, bold fit.

Wellgosh has several of Universal Works’ cardigans.

Kavu Sasquatch Hiking Fleece

Okay, this one’s a little cheat. Technically, it isn’t knitwear, but it serves a similar purpose. This gusseted fleece from Kavu has an all-over Sasquatch print and is undeniably cosy and functional, with zip pockets and adjustable cuffs.

Get it directly from Kavu.

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