Know Wave Black Dice !$! Crewneck

This impressive and enigmatic crewneck sweat makes up part of Know Waves’s ‘Black Dice’ capsule collection. Formed in 1997 Black Dice are an experimental American band who’ve gained notoriety over the years for their characteristically violent live performances where blood, sweat and tears tend to be the order of the day (well night). So in honour of these mad AF musicians Know Wave have created this !$! sweat from Canadian soft-backed fleece that features artwork reminiscent of the bands early vinyl covers on the front and back. It’s an ace sweat whether you’re a Black Dice fan or not though if you are I’d maybe avoid wearing it to any of their gigs or at the very least hang around at the back near the fire exits.

Buy a Know Wave Black Dice !$! Crewneck in black from Wellgosh here.


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