Küla Studio: My Top Three

Have you ever been asked to choose your top three trainers? I have. It’s not easy. It’s like being asked to pick your favourite songs or children i.e. it changes on an hour by hour basis. That said, I was pretty flattered when those creatives masterminds at Küla Studio asked for my favourite trainers and so I dug deep and delivered what I feel to be a tasteful and fairly timeless trio. I went for the adidas Beach having fallen in love with them after spotting a pair at the Spezial exhibition in Manchester, Nike Pre-Montreals because they’re kind of thing the Six Million Dollar man would wear to do a big shop in and lastly a pair of Concept x New Balance 999s because they’re beyond ace. All three of my choices have now been turned into beautiful illustrations which you can purchase as prints from Küla Studio alongside other top threes from my fellow Propermaggers Mark and Paul. Though clearly my top three is by far the best.



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