#kumanokoido x Battenwear Teddy Bear


Despite a lack of disposable income/sleep/any form of social life/clean furniture, having kids is pretty cool on the whole. As well as having a legitimate excuse to act like a complete pillock all the time you can also buy them really cool stuff under the pretence of being a really generous and thoughtful parent. Even though you’re just going to put that amazing toy dead high up on a shelf next to your books on graffiti and Francis Bacon where the kids can’t reach, the minute they turn their little backs on it. That might be tricky with these #kumanokoido x Battenwear teddy bears though as they some seriously strong kid appeal as well as being one of the coolest things I’ve seen so far this year. So to avoid any tears before bed-time you can either buy yourself and the kids one each or just buy one and when it arrives tell the kids that it has to be put somewhere really high up off the ground at all times or it will get stolen by a witch. Actually you should just buy everyone a bear because #kumanokoido have created these teddy bears to raise funds for a fresh water project that benefits local communities in Mali. So yeah, do that instead actually.

Large and Small versions are both available now at Bivouac.









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