La Panopolie Parka Capuche Laminée

How fantastic is this Capuche parka from La Panoplie, yes that’s right, extremely fantastic. The word Capuche in French does of course mean hood, in relation to those long hooded garments worn by Capuchin monks. A generous bunch of holy men who’ve also graciously donated their name to both Capuchin monkeys and the frothy coffee drink Cappuccino but that’s due to their friar Tuck style haircuts and not their hoods so we’ll move on. This padre friendly four pocket parka from Parisians La Panoplie has a tough cotton canvas construction with a nice quilted lining to help keep you warm when you’re moving between monasteries.

Make like a modernist punk and pick up a Capuche parka at Oi Polloi here.


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