Laboratory Perfume Creates Fragrances Inspired by the British Countryside

Laboratory Perfumes represents a new way of working with scent. It’s no secret that perfumers – perfumologists? Fragrance-ologists? – conduct their work in labs, carefully combining essences and aromas until the fine balances are harmonised. But it is true that many fragrance brands try to obscure this fact, instead popularising the notion that perfumers work like ethereal mystics – a dash here, a drop there – until the final result is achieved. 

Laboratory Perfumes capitalise on their design process by bringing it to the forefront: both aesthetically, by presenting their candles in beakers, and theoretically, by acknowledging that modern production techniques enable greater control over the results. 

Their core candles and fragrances are inspired by the British countryside, aiming to evoke pebbled beaches, heathland walks and the scents of summer’s dusk. 

Parasol’s range of Laboratory Perfumes includes the classic range, as well as the newly added Moroccan-tinged Atlas

Laboratory Perfumes at Parasol.

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