Lacoste Live! Vintage Ads Capsule Collection

003.VINTAGE ADS LACOSTE LIVE_SH0210_Homme_Man_Sweatshirt

This season Lacoste Live! plays a heart-warming tribute to their superb ad campaigns of the 1970s by printing them on a capsule collection of both men and women’s sweats, polos and tees.

These striking images of ‘croc messieurs and mesdame’s are matched up with suitably contrasting colours of “crisp white polos with the deep oranges of clay courts and sun-kissed skin and of course the iconic Lacoste green“. I really don’t think that any other label on the planet would be cool enough to get away with this but Lacoste having large amounts of both style and (tennis) balls they’ve totally made it work. Absolutely brilliant stuff.

001.VINTAGE ADS LACOSTE LIVE_PH0207_Homme_Man_Polo_Poloshirt

002.VINTAGE ADS LACOSTE LIVE_PF0209_Femme_Woman_Polo_Poloshirt

004.VINTAGE ADS LACOSTE LIVE_SF0208_Femme_Woman_Sweatshirt

005.VINTAGE ADS LACOSTE LIVE_TH0206_Femme_Woman_TeeShirt


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