Lacoste L!ve Monogram Tracksuit is a Statement

Lacoste L!ve monogram tracksuit channels confidence and laidback energy. 

lacoste monogram tracksuit

It’s the season for all-over monogram prints, and there’s no better vehicle for an assertive and brazen pattern than a tracksuit. 

With a jacquard loom, the pattern is intricately woven into the fabric, rather than embroidered or printed on top. What you get is a textured and detailed piece that feels luxurious. Lacoste L!ve’s monogram jacquard tracksuit in emerald green is comfortable and subtly flashy. 

The jacquard tracksuit has a high neck that feels like a blast from the 80s, which makes sense considering the release from the Lacoste L!ve range, where the brand experiments with versatile twists and plays on classic Lacoste pieces.

Pockets sells the track jacket and trousers separately, but nothing matches the feel of both together. 

Lacoste L!ve at Pockets.

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