Lacoste Quilted Down Jacket

As I sit here writing this whilst listening to Journey of the Sorcerer by the Eagles in my shorts and tee shirt, enjoying the sunset over the Atlantic ocean it occurred to me that I’m flying home from Tenerife today and my smug little bubble of sunshine is about to burst. So in preparation for touching down in the motherland I’ve been looking at some serious big jackets (like I need an excuse) and came across this absolute pearler from Lacoste that Peggs & Son have just got in. A substantial down number in a nice but no nonsense graphite colour it has a detachable hood for when it stops raining and you want to go for the ultimate ‘Vinz dans la banileue’ look. I mean we have to take the positives from life don’t we? See you at the chippy.

Get the oh la la urban look here.


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