Laminated Coat by Gant Rugger

I used to have to sit next to the laminator at my first proper job; I worked in the office on a building site for a worldwide construction management company.

Some of the other lads used to have to spend loads of time making health and safety signs on clip art and then laminate them next to my desk. This mac reminded me of that and I was instantly transported back to that hell-hole of a job; punching numbers into a spreadsheet and arguing over invoices.

Anyway, this is the Laminated Coat, though it hasn’t gone through a ¬£19.99 machine from Comet. Instead, it utilises the classic silhouette of a smart rain mac but is made using a cotton-nylon blend, taped seams and includes some subtle informal touches; like the metal breathing holes under the armpits,¬†there to ensure your armpits don’t sweat inside the water-resistant fabric. You smelly cunt.

With concealed buttons and a slit hem to show off all your curves in the right places, there’s a definite wardrobe staple that you need in your life.

There. A post all about a mac and not one joke about burgers or expensive computers.

gant_rugger_the_great_divide_041_grande gant_rugger_the_great_divide_046_grande gant_rugger_the_great_divide_042_grande gant_rugger_the_great_divide_043_grande gant_rugger_the_great_divide_045_grande

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