Last Min stocking Fillers From John Anthony

Look, it’s technically too late to buy things for Christmas, but that claim acts on the assumption that every Christmas runs the same. Given the fact that this year’s is full of uncertainty, who’s to say when you’ll celebrate the big day? In that sense, it’s never too late to buy a few extra bits, and John Anthony’s selection of small titbits is top tier – if titbits includes things like Viv necklaces and CDG wallets

There’s some very practical pieces like Pleasures beanies and Akila sunglasses; as well as classics like Polo boxers. Really, there’s no mistakes. 

A personal favourite might be Maharishi Tabi socks – just to get someone excited that you might be copping some divisive tabis, 2021’s outrageous shoe of choice. 

Browse the range at John Anthony. 

Stocking Fillers at John Anthony.

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