Le Fix AW18

Le Fix are good Danish guys, making good Danish clothes. Comfort, reliability, convenience and style: four aspects the brand has always effortlessly incorporated into every collection. Nothing too snazzy, nothing too mad, just excellent clothes made by knowledgeable people.

For AW18, it’s no different. There’s a healthy mix of lightweight track tops and bottoms, with thicker wintery pieces for when/if the cold ever returns, all this with Le Fix’s staple sporty aesthetic in mind. Colours vary from black, white and burgundy, to turquoise, army greens and eye-catching neons. There’s also an appearance for watercolour motifs used as all-over patterns in a subtle but striking manor, meaning you can still go lairy, but in a  sophisticated Scandinavian way, as oppose to a Shoreditch rich kid way.

First drop of this collection will be released on the 30th July and will be available from the Le Fix website and shop: www.le-fix.com.

Absolutely well into house plants.

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