Leather Jackets and Festivals

I’ve never “done”a festival, I have been to a few though. They should be right up my street, live music, drink, openly taking drugs with a relatively low risk of being arrested (I made the last one up in case any current/future employers are reading) but generally they’re shit.

I’m probably not “doing” them right due to my pathological hatred of camping. This would stem from a couple of trips I had when I was a kid. Pissing down rain, hole in the tent, water everywhere, fuck that shit, give me a hotel any day.

And I’ve never been to Glastonbury as the thought of staying in a tent for 5 days with no sleep fills me with dread but I did go to Coachella last year. Unfortunately the yanks and their archaic drinking laws means if you buy a beer you can’t walk round the festival with it in case you give alcohol to someone under 21. Yet you only have to be 18 to buy a shotgun, although that might have spoiled the vibe a bit if I was walking round with one those. On a lighter note the hotel we stayed in was lovely, and the road trip was great.

I can’t think of many times I’ve seen a band at a festival that have sounded better than in a gig. The year The Verve got back together was pretty fucking special though. They played the Sunday at V Festival (I can feel all the festival purist wankers sneering at me now, but the clue’s in the name right…….?) and were fucking brilliant.

Richard Ashcroft has gotta be up there as one of the greatest front men of all time. Admittedly some his solo stuff is a bit patchy and the United Nations of Sound album was pretty poor (awful in fact except for Are You Ready, great live though) but he’s cool as fuck. Good jacket, good shoes, good shades, fuck me he even looked good barefoot on stage for Live 8. There’s a lot of “Mad Richard” stories kicking about but one of my favourites came from a mate of a mate (who told me first hand about half hour before we found out Oasis weren’t playing V that year, in hindsight maybe I’m not qualified to comment on festivals). He was flying to the Maldives for his honeymoon and happened to be sat next to Richard Ashcroft on the plane. They had a good chat, “lovely fella” and all that and when they landed they said their goodbyes. As he (Richard Ashcroft) got up from his seat he put on his sunglasses and leather jacket and walked off the plane. It was 95 degrees, never took it off, man after my own heart.

Oi Polloi have just released their own leather jackets, the Ludwig A2 and Stew Harrington both in blue napa, both things of beauty. Hentsch Man have got sunglasses in the sale and Triads have got a great selection of Clarks. None of which would look good after sleeping in a tent but that’s just my opinion……..

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