Levi’s Barstow Western Corduroy Shirt

Thanks to this ridiculous ongoing heat our native Stockport now looks more like the Wild West and rather than running for the hills in search or the cavalry/a bottle of Volvic we’ve decided to fully embrace it. So we’ve ditched the 192 bus in favour of some palomino ponies, the local pub is now called ‘the saloon’, everyone is smoking tumble-weed and we’re all dressing like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Which brings us neatly to this Barstow Western shirt from Levi’s which though transporting us back to the good old days of the wild frontier is also very much a part of our Greater Mancunian psyche thanks to it being made from the best material in the world i.e corduroy. So whether you’re packing a six shooter or a six pack of stella this superb shirt will see you through any bar room brawls, corral based cow herding and happening hoe-downs this summer.

Buy a Levi’s Bartsow Western shirt from Mainline Menswear here.


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