Levi’s Skateboarding 501s

Apart from the fact that Levi’s Skateboarding division spend lots of time building skate parks for kids in the third world I also love them because the gear they make is well hard. Take for example these new 501s that they’ve done. Not only do they look incredibly on point in a 1990s zeitgeist kind of way but having been made with cordura and lycra in them they’ll also stay in one piece after a hard days shredding up and down bowls in them. Like a San Franciscan yoga teacher they’re flexible, durable and adorable in equal amounts.Our mates at Working Class Heroes have just taken delivery of three wonderfully washed out versions of the legendary 501, an item of clothing so important that Time magazine deemed good enough to name them the ‘fashion item of the century’ back in 1999.

Get yourself a piece of hard-wearing history here.



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