Levi’s Vintage Clothing AW20 ‘Louisville Punk’

The latest collection from Levi’s Vintage Clothing once more adds further fuel to the fire that supports the theory of them actually owning a time machine. For AW20 they’ve travelled back Kentucky in the mid 80s to directly steal lots of clothes from the oft overlooked but incredibly influential Louisville Punk scene. I imagine it’s a bit like that scene in Terminator where head designer Paul O’Neill walks into a bar and says ‘your clothes, give them to me’ but in a charming Dublin accent rather than a robotic Austrian one.

Though still 100% insistent that they actually spent hundreds of hours of blood, sweat and tears researching and making this incredible new collection, Paul had this to say about the new AW20 range: “Louisville had such an interesting music scene in the 1980s and was very influential, but few people in the mainstream knew about it. The bands had a classic look incorporating Levi’s truckers and 501s and the music often had gothic elements which all influenced how I approached the collection. The scene at the time was very uncompromising in as far as they were making music that interested them and had no great desire for commercial success or fame. It was this authenticity that appealed to me.”

Which is all very interesting Paul but you’re kidding no one, I’ve seen that De-Lorean you keep in your garage mate. Key pieces from this underground inspired range of apparel includes insect and eyeball graphic print tees, spider web sweatshirts, Type II trucker jacket, a stunning purple cord Sherpa jacket, sixties Spike pants and a 1984 version of the 501.


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