Levi’s Vintage Clothing Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Summer of Love

For Spring/Summer 2017 Levis Vintage Clothing have focussed on 1967, the year of the Summer of Love, a defining moment in their home-town’s history that gave birth to it’s very own counterculture movement. ┬áThis was the year when a generation of youngsters rejected the conformist cold war attitudes of the squares running the country and instead went full on psychedelic by turning on, tuning in and dropping the fuck out. In honour of this game changing happening LVC have been delving into the archives to come up with some suitably colourful and carefree creations. Prepare to have your senses fully experienced with a range a range that includes bold prints, swirling patterns, concert posters and CND signs to a mind-blowing super limited pair of 501s that will only look ‘normal’ when looked at in a mirror.

Take a trip over here and shop the collection now man.


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