Levi’s Vintage Clothing launch Americana inspired ‘Shocking Truth’ drop

Inspired by the heavily stylised posters and trailers from 50’s and 60’s American B-movies, Levi’s has poured their hearts into a range of jeans, jackets, pants, and tops that celebrate the era. 

“This season is all about teenage exploitation movies happening in Hollywood during the ’50s and ‘60s, and how they were selling something that didn’t exist. They were advertised as crazy, wild movies, but then they weren’t at all what they were hyped to be. The posters were amazing, but the movies were not very exciting. So we took inspiration from the posters —the vivid images, the bright colors and graphics— and created a collection as if Levi’s had produced the wardrobe. Everything is exaggerated and hyper real, as if the movie posters had come to life.” says Paul O’Neill, Design Director for Levi’s Vintage Clothing.

Wide leg denim pants, based on 1920’s balloon jeans, 1950’s style bombers with sherpa collars, and a whole range of denim trucker jackets make up the rebel-cool collection. This season also sees the revival of the 1960 501, with a wider leg and a more relaxed fit than the 1954 iteration. 

You can shop the collection at Levi’s on Friday 13th August. 

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