Levi’s Vintage at Peggs and Son


Levi’s Vintage Clothing are digging up ridiculously lovely, Americana-inspired garments from their very own archives. If you want to look like Jack Kerouac, if he had cheered up a bit and gone to work at the fair, you should definitely check them out.

You’ve heard of Levi’s. They’re like Hoover, Tannoy and Sellotape, and other brand names that have become so synonymous with a product, that it’s barely worth remembering the others. They do jeans, don’t they? Jeans for you, your Dad and that fella who used to go in the off-licence for you, but mysteriously disappeared in the mid ’90s. Well, I’m going to blow your mind here, but they do other things as well. There’s an outstanding leather jacket, based on a design from the 1930s, that James Bond wore to be a dashing, imperialist bastard in the latest Bond film and a classic short-sleeve shirt inspired by a Backgammon board. No. Seriously. It’s good.


There are jeans as well of course, with all the requisite buzzwords, like ‘raw’, ‘rinse’ and ‘wash’ attached so you know you’re getting a good deal. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, there are also some bonkers stripey shorts to complete this Summer’s Coney Island Carnival Steez. (Write that down, you can use that. Tell your mates).

Levi’s Vintage Clothing is available from the really ace Peggs & son. They’re near the seaside too, so it makes sense.



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