Levi’s Vintage Clothing SS21 ‘Loose Fix’

Don’t need no skin-tights in my wardrobe today, fold them all up and put them all away‘ are the words of Salfordian Shakespeare Shaun William Ryder and also the inspiration behind the latest collection from LVC. Though true to form the design team at Levi’s haven’t taken the easy/obvious route here and instead have focussed on the early days of the Happy Mondays and in particular the Central Station artwork that accompanied their music. Focussing on the early days of the Mondays that saw tunes such as the Oasis EP, Freaky Dancing, Squirrel & the G Man and Bummed radically change the face of both indie and dance music the garments pay a unique homage to these iconic record covers. Head of design at LVC Paul O’Neill has once more recognised a pivotal time in popular culture where Levi’s help make up the sartorial architecture of a seminal and game changing scene. Which is why you’ll see faithful renditions of pieces such as the white tab parka, sports jean anorak, 80s trucker jacket, 1984 ‘double good’ 501s and some flared orange tab 517s.

As if this wasn’t all incredible enough LVC have also commissioned the super talented Ric Facchin from Manchester Builds to create some authentic backdrops to their look-book. As with all Lev’s Vintage projects the attention to detail is phenomenal and these images are guaranteed to make those party people who remember that era the first time around as well as those who weren’t all wishing we could go back for 24 hours.

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