Limited Edition Renault Kadjar ‘Armor Lux’

This one goes out to all you francophiles out there who not only love a bit of top French gear but also love a bit of French top gear, if you get what I mean?  Because Renault have issued a new luxury limited edition version of its Kadjar in partnership with Breton brand Armor-Lux. Limited to just 1,000 these very special Kadjars will be available in cosmos blue, pear white and glacier white. Each of which feature the Armor-Lux logo on the wings, door sill and on the carpets. With a gallic nod to Armor Lux’ Iconic garment the Breton shirt stripes can be found on the back of the car, on the rims, on the Steering wheel and equally on the keyless go card. As a fully paid up member of the ‘I love really French things’ club I’d love to kadjar lift in one of these beauties.



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