L’impermeabile Put an Italian Twist on the Overcoat

L’impermeabile reinvent some classic English trench coats with notes of Italian sophistication 


The Italian brand has been at it since 1948, since the movie stars – when they were still referred to as movies, moving pictures – were snapped in black and white elegance, their hair gelled or occasionally in a bouffant, floating in between sets and dressed in the mysterious noir that a long coat with an upturned collar couldn’t help but suggest.  

The Impermeable started making trench coats in the style of English heritage like Aquascutum and Burberry and have since moved to recreate other styles of outerwear, while sticking very close to their guns reinterpreted heritage guns. 

Oi Polloi has grabbed a selection of their finest over coats: fishing jackets, cortina jackets, M294 dusters, wax parkas

As the name suggests, all are given an impermeable treatment, ensuring quality and weather resistance, and if you head to The Impermeable site, you’ll find breakdowns and informative infographics bringing the history of certain styles to the forefront. The Impermeable know that it isn’t enough to make a jacket in a certain style without celebrating its past. 

L’impermeabile at Oi Polloi.

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