Liquor Store Competition – Win a Limited Edition Eastpak ‘Miami Nice’ Padded Pack! (COMP NOW ENDED)


We’ve seen some pretty cool bags lately but this sensationally summery piece of kit has knocked us out of our sandals with a totally tropical punch! Fortunately for you, our good mates over at Liquor Store are giving one lucky person the chance to win one of these premium, limited edition, Made in the USA, padded backpacks from the legendary, luggage leaders Eastpak.


All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning one is to sign up for their newsletter which you can do by placing a comment below and also tell us ‘WHAT THREE ITEMS SHOULD EVERY BAG CONTAIN?’ Easy eh?


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  1. 1) Compass
    2) Swiss Army knife
    3) Smaller spare bag – just in case!

  2. Julie Murphy

    change of clothes, deodorant and toothbrush

  3. Jools Thomas

    A toy car, a framed pic of Maggie Thatcher and a 330ml bottle of holy water

  4. Richard William Ackroyd

    1. Passport
    2. iPhone 5
    3. American Express Gold Card

  5. 1. Poncho
    2. Newspaper
    3. 0.5 muji black pen (to do crossword in newspaper)

  6. Mia Fergusson

    A mobile phone
    A camera
    A bottle of water.

  7. Jonny England

    Chewing gum, lip balm and a phone charger.

  8. 1. House keys (preferably your own)
    2. Half eaten pack of soft mints
    3. A brolly

  9. Silver King Size Rizla , phone charger , chewie.

  10. Days of Speed

    Pack of opened fruit polos.
    Bic biro (always black).
    Tennis ball.

  11. A diary with initials engraved onto the cover (a written copy of all the things you should be doing, but probably aren’t )

    Noam Chomsky – hegemony or survival (for those evenings when american foreign policy is brought up at the bar)

    A pen, you just never know when you’ll need one.

  12. Harry McNally

    1. A large bag shaped like a Russian doll
    2.A medium bag shaped like a Russian doll
    3.A small bag shaped like a Russian doll

  13. Jolly Jibber

    1.packet of fags
    3.grafters book

  14. My Ibiza beach bag:

    Bottle of wine.

    Beach Towel.


  15. 1. Protein shake (don’t fuck with me, right)
    2. A packet of cola bottles, preferably Sainsburys own Cola bottles
    3. A copy of proper mag, obviously!

  16. 1) Swiss Army Knife, never leave home without one, for all your combat/beer & wine opening/sawing wood/roach widening needs.
    2) Iphone charger, there’s a planet of maps on a fully charged phone.
    3) Dog biscuits so you can instantly befriend any snarling foe.

  17. 1. Hip flask full of your tipple of choice.
    2. Some Gregg’s pasties in case of sudden bouts of hunger.
    3. A cool quirky retro camera. A Polaroid probably.

  18. 1. Drawing tools.
    2. Things that surpass the items others have mentioned.
    3. And a balloon. (Work with kids, and this one is a must)

  19. William Itwasreallynothing

    1. MASSIVE Toblerone
    2. Copy of 80s jazz mag Fiesta
    3. Spare pair of undies

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