Liquor Store: The Unbranded Brand

The sleek and selvedge clad folk at Liquor Store know a thing or three about decent denim, in fact one of the first thing you’ll see when you walk into their shop is an impressive indigo wall of jeans from the best names in the business such as Levis, APC, Edwin, Carhartt and Lee. But amongst all these brilliant brands are the Clint Eastwood of cotton kecks, the ‘jean with no name’ AKA the Unbranded Brand. A premium denim label that has eschewed a strong brand identity by taking a Factory records style approach to their product, cannily realizing that if they make a good enough product word will get round and all the right people will find their jeans, which seems to be working given how often Liquor Store have to re-stock their 14oz and 21oz pairs. This lack of promotion and advertising also means that the Unbranded Brand can provide a pair of jeans just as good (if not better) as it’s contemporaries but at a significantly lower price and thus saving you a fistful of dollars.

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