Little Gestalten: Suggested Titles


Whilst you may already be fully aware of the incredible books on architecture, fashion, art, food, photography and travel that Gestalten are responsible for, you may not know that they also make some fantastic books for children too. So as a welcome addition to the latest gadget or tablets that your younger family members will be receiving this christmas why not include some beautifully illustrated old school literature into their lives with a Gestalten book. As if they’re anything like my kids these books will become firm favourites that will last much longer than the latest ‘must have’ toy whilst also providing a useful bargaining tool when they’re wired on haribo and refusing to go to bed. So here are some suggested titles to light up their little faces on Christmas morning and give you both something to enjoy reading at bed-time.


All My Animals – Ages 3 and up.

In this brilliant book vintage style illustrated animals are matched up with ‘appropriate’ accessories and partners all of which are presented in a look reminiscent of classic European poster art.



The Pied Piper of Hamelin – Ages 4 and up.

Reading this mysterious, moral tale whilst gasping at it’s epic illustrations will hopefully ensure that your children won’t go on to pull any snidey tricks on pest controllers in later life.



The Honey Hunter – Ages 6 and up

Thanks to it’s use of bold and exotic imagery this modern day fairytale helps to explain what happens when man messes about with nature’s rhythm whilst teaching us how we need to respect and appreciate our environment. We’d send Donald Trump a copy of this but he doesn’t read books does he? *rolls eyes*



Elsa and the Night – Ages 3 to 8.

This is the ideal antidote for when your kids protest about night-time and just how rubbish it is going to bed by showing them what would happen if you were to befriend ‘the night’ and stash it away in a cookie jar. 24 hour day-time might sound like a good idea when you hate going to sleep but Elsa’s extraordinary relationship will make them think otherwise.



Legendary Routes of the World – Ages 5 and up.

An inspiring and cleverly constructed pop-up book that tells the stories of five iconic routes and expeditions from dusty drive along Route 66 to the legendary lunar expedition of 1969.


Friends Forever – Ages 6 and up

A poignant and uplifting story of a young boy who learns to deal with his best friend moving away to the city by cherishing the memories of their time spent together whilst learning how to move on and make new friends.




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