LVC 519 Cords


It’s Monday morning in a drizzle battered Manchester and I’ve got rain sodden jeans and Joy Division’s Closer on blasting out of the speakers just to add to the dramatic summer gloom. Though to balance out this monochromatic ying I’ve been casting my eye over some feel-good colourful yang inducing cords. I’m talking of course about the new LVC 519s that Oi Polloi have got in and the two happiness inducing hues of peanut and green that they come in. I mean how can you not be instantly cheered up by a pair of nut coloured kecks that have been lovingly crafted by bonafide clothing geniuses using a material that’s even comfier than denim? Oh and if either of these aren’t colourful enough there’s also some 511 cords in ‘sun-dried tomato’. Right that does it, I’m putting some beach Boys on and having a scotch egg, happy Monday everyone.

Lively up your legs here.



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