Levi’s Vintage Clothing AW18 ‘Rockers’

I had a lovely email chat with LVC head honcho Paul O’Neill recently, he was telling me all about the latest campaign they’d shot in Kingston Jamaica that was inspired by the 1978 film ‘Rockers’ (see above). He didn’t really need to say any more as I was already fully in love with the concept, being a massive fan of that golden era of Jamaican music as well as dancehall culture in general. The resulting images from the shoot are exactly what we’ve come to expect from Levi’s Vintage Clothing and look so authentic you find yourself thinking ‘Was this really shot a few months ago? Is that gear really brand new?’ such is the unbelievable amount of love and attention to detail that Mr O’Neill and the team put into each collection. Featuring some of the original stars from Rockers Paul wanted to show the iconic US brand off through an entirely different place and people dressed in what he describes as  “A mix of classic American clothes with old man wear from Jamaica.” Now If you don’t mind I’m off to the shops to pick up some new jeans, a loaf of lamb’s bread and some stepping razors.



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