LVC Presents ‘Bowl-O-Rama’

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Levi's Vintage Bowlorama

For SS15 the ever impressive Levi’s Vintage Clothing have done a photo-shoot on a level of style and detail that Martin Scorsese would be proud to put his name to.

In fact now I’ve said it that’s exactly what LVC remind me of, they’re the ‘Marty of menswear’ aren’t they? Both guiding lights when it comes to bringing classic stories back to life but re-edited for a modern audience. Anyway, for SS15 LVC have captured the emergence of the Rock’n’Roll spirit by way of their ‘Bowl-O-Rama’ collection which is all about the Fifties when ‘the kids’ finally woke up to the joys of youthful rebellion and stopped dressing like their (square) parents. I guess having a pretty spectacular archive helps but big bopper levels of respect to the LVC designers for yet again nailing it with another ace collection and for boldly including some genuine aggro & attitude in a photo-shoot. 

The collection is available in store at the London Levi’s Vintage store 5 Newburgh St, London W1F 7RG

Levi's Vintage Bowlorama 1

Levi's Vintage Bowlorama 3

Levi's Vintage Bowlorama 4

Levi's Vintage Bowlorama 5

Levi's Vintage Bowlorama 6

Levi's Vintage Bowlorama 7

Levi's Vintage Bowlorama 12

Levi's Vintage Bowlorama 13


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