M.A. Strum Modernise Functional Fishing Gear

A couple weeks ago, when opening a bale of clothes with Gone Fishing Vintage, we found a mid-90’s cotton Avirex jacket, in grey, with two external pockets at the waist. The pockets were large and square, lined entirely with zips. If you undid the zips and turned the pockets into flaps that open outwards, it reveals an inside of more pockets – these ones smaller and covert, like neat and nifty pencil pockets, somewhere to store a diary or unmentionables. The jacket was reminiscent, in style and era, of some of the 2000’s Oakley that Inside Tag has been curating over the past few months. These sorts of jackets have mesh in abundance, concealed features, lots of external and/or modular touches, and high attention to functionality; in fact, a lot of what Inside Tag is doing relates to fishing gear. Proper gear for Proper tech heads. 

These are the influences that first came to mind when I saw this M.A. Strum Softshell jacket. Graduates of the Osti Archive, it makes sense that M.A. Strum could take this sort of style and modernise it, while keeping the core alive. The three layer softshell is equipped with four external pockets – two on the chest, two on the waist – with coated and waterproof zips. The rest of the jacket is a patchwork of materials, with nylon paneling, an inside TPU layer, and breathable perforated underarms. 

The result is something that looks like the down time clothes someone might wear when she’s off duty and relaxing on a space station, figuring out when the next post to Mars is due. 

The best thing? The M.A. Strum softshell is on sale at Terraces, at half price, which is a lot cheaper than you’ll find anywhere else. 

M.A. Strum at Terraces. 

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