MA.STRUM Signature Torch Jackets 2018

If you had to pick one piece that exemplifies everything about MA.STRUM and their approach to innovative fabrics and utilitarian design then it has to be their Torch jacket. A stand out piece that helped put them on the map in the early days it’s back for AW18 in two suitably militaristic fabrics (Dazzle Camo Poly Twill & Navy Flight Micro Nylon) and in very limited numbers. Given that it has a fully functional solar charged torch attached to it, it seems fitting that they’ve gone for a classic M-65 jacket silhouette, adding some additional ‘Tunnels of Cu Chi’ vibes to the whole affair. Ideal for the colder months the jacket also boasts a lightweight, highly efficient synthetic fill that captures, distributes and retains heat to perfection.


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