Maharishi Art of War at Wellgosh

As of recently, Wellgosh is into the habit of curating looks. This time, there’s a full black Maharishi outfit featuring the best of Maharishi’s east-meets-west themes. 

The understated star of the show is the Art of War t-shirt, which has the phrase “The Greatest Arrow is that which is Broken” emblazoned across the front. The phrase echoes the symbol of peace above it, a broken arrow, which was used by Native Americans. The graphic throws back to Maharishi’s core, anti-war rhetoric. 

On the bottom half there’s a pair of military influenced straight legged trousers, specifically based around 3rd Pattern army uniforms worn by US soldiers during the Vietnam War. The combination of an anti-war ethos and military clothing solidifies the irony at the core of Maharishi’s brand image, while re-appropriating that which is considered violent. 

The top half features two very different layers. There’s a padded utility cotton shirt that functions far more like a coat than a shirt; the padded element is essentially quilting, while it fastens with buttons up to a large collar. The shoulder features a vintage deadstock 1972 U.S. Army Corps sewn-on shoulder patch, which affirms that Maharishi is trying to take what was once violent and turn it into the uniform of the modern urban pacifist. 

The other key top layer is a kimono-style hanten shirt based on the CIDG uniforms that, during the Vietnam war, were given to minority populations as support for the U.S. Army. The shirt is crafted from durable 1960’s US Army cotton sateen that has been reproduced exclusively for use by Maharishi, and features a ribbed Kimono collar, dual side pockets, adjustable button cuffs, a reflective branded label and adjustable waist tie. While Maharishi is in the habit of reallocating US Army uniforms, we safely assume that they wouldn’t have supported them during the Vietnam War. If only Maharishi was around to protest against agent orange. 

Other items in the ensemble are a Night Jungle camo sweatshirt and sateen track pants.

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Maharishi at Wellgosh.

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