Maharishi Bag Provides Cross-body Cool

Bags are like pockets – you can never have too many. Sometimes I wear multi-pocketed vests with multi-pocketed bags and I feel like there’s nothing I can’t do. Or smuggle.

Unfortunately, though, the more space to store things means the more spaces to lose things in. This is especially true when you’re at a festival, for instance, and you frantically pat yourself down in search of whatever it is you’ve lost. In a way, though, more space is like an indirect savings account: if it’s in your bag or your pocket, it’s safe. And when you find it later, it’s like a gift from yourself. My advice? Buy this Maharishi bag from John Anthony and layer it with loads more pockets, so you can get yourself in that rewarding pickle that sees the promise of future gifts.

This Maharishi bag is in nylon ripstop with a slightly weighty cross-body sling. It’s finished with popper fastens and adjusts to your every need. 

Scope it out at John Anthony. 

Maharishi at John Anthony

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