Maharishi Desert Rain Camo Reversible Bucket Hat

I’ve been sporting a bucket hat quite a lot recently, it’s been good for keeping my head warm and my hair dry without getting dead sweaty. Plus when you team it up with a massive jacket everyone thinks you’re a celebrity out on a low profile shopping trip. At least that’s what I think to myself when I get quizzical looks from the other shoppers in ALDI in Ancoats. This two-for-the price-of-one reversible number from military inspired peaceniks Maharishi has just arrived at Wellgosh and features a superb ‘Desert Rain’ DPM on one side with a no nonsense black on the other. It’s ideal attire for Glastonbury whether you’re headlining the Pyramid stage or not.

Buy a Maharishi Cam Reversible Bucket Hat from Wellgosh here.


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