Maharishi M-1 Flight Jacket Strives for Peace in a World of War

Maharishi M-1 flight jacket with embroidered dragon relishes in the fusion of military gear with peaceful embellishments. 

maharishi m1 flight jacket

In typical Maharishi style, the UK-owned Vietnamese-era Americana loving brand has embroidered a silhouette inspired by the United States Air Force’s M-1 flight jacket with the phrase: 

“The greatest arrow is that which is broken,”

which, with its peaceful intentions, stems from one of Maharishi’s Art of War influences – either the indigenous American Comanches, Sun Tzu’s Art of War, or the Samurai’s code of bushido. Ironically, in the US military, a broken arrow refers to a stolen or inadvertently detonated nuclear weapon. 

The jacket is also embroidered with deadstock US army patches and insignias, as well as dragons with Vietnamese and Chinese influences. 

Have a look at the jacket at John Anthony. 

Maharishi at John Anthony.

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