Maharishi Rolls out Rollaway Ripstop

Somewhere in the Rig Veda, a classical Sanskrit text of hymn books that makes up the four canonical texts for Hinduism, a sentence reads: “Truth is singular / the wise sages speak of it / variously.” The essence of that is captured by this Maharishi backpack, which is adorned with the phrase: “the names are many, the truth is one”, which is another way of claiming that there’s many ways up the mountain, given that the top of the mountain is a metaphor for truth.

That last part is important, because if you’re on the way up the mountain, some routes are shorter than others. Some require an entire set of lightweight gear; some require spatial-efficiency to be key. This Miltype Rollaway Nylon Ripstop Backpack in Olive or Black is both. It’s crafted from lightweight nylon ripstop, and it folds up into a spatially conservative roll, saving you vital space. Good luck on the way up.

Check it out at John Anthony.

Maharishi at John Anthony.

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