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Oh no, not more tee shirts? Yes! And coach jackets! Soz for shouting but with the World Cup getting underway what better opportunity to talk about some baseball related tee shirts and jackets. We’re all sick of brands shoe horning tedious connections to The World Cup into their advertising campaigns, just mentioning The World Cup for mentioning The World Cup sake. Pph, The bloody World Cup. The World Series is where it’s at.

It isn’t; the The World Cup is class and only people who really like American things understand baseball over here, but you can at least look like the coolest baseball fan this side of the Atlantic in any of these classic tees and coach jackets from Majestic Select. Part of Majestic Athletic – the brand that has the rights to all Major League Baseball match day “uniforms”, as well as NHL and NFL none match day wears – Majestic Select first emerged last year; a premium label operating out of Japan. The contemporary replica shirts and leisurewear of Majestic Athletic may not be any use to the likes of us but when a separate Japanese label is delving deep into the baseball archives for Americana styles of yesteryear, things are suddenly more relevant.

As well as the jackets that make you look like you managed Babe Ruth, Homer, Ozzie and the Straw, there’s sweats and hoodies to be had an’ all. The tees are what steal it though; giving off that ‘I’ve just finished training down at the ball park – hitting home runs, chewing loads of gum and spitting’ vibe. Or, with the Yankees tee, you can even legitimately pretend to be one of the Baseball Furies.

Plus though they may look low key and just your average tee shirt; the feel, fit and quality is bang on. But would you expect anything else from the premium Japanese division of a major American apparel company?

Get your mitts on some of them and hit a homebase right into the park!





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