Marseille by Joan Liftin


If you love photography with a French twist then this book is the pictorial equivalent of mouthful of bouillabaisse with an added dash of Pastis. Over the past ten years photographer Joan Liftin has been regularly visiting Marseille, each time staying in a different part of France’s oldest city and using her lens to capture the day to day life of the locals. Having been host to the Greeks, the Romans, the Barbarians, the Plague (three times) and the Mafia, it’s the hospitable nature and diverse cultural mix of Marseille that has caused Joan to fall head over heels in love with the place. That said ‘Marseille’ provides a thrillingly authentic and intimate slice of French life rather than one seen though vie en rose tinted spectacles having captured the good, the bad and the ugly sides of this big city. I think it’s testament to the power of this book that immediately after putting it down I was online and looking at flights to the South of France quicker than you can say ‘pied et paquets s’il vous plait’.

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