Marshall Artist X K-Way at Steeple Pine


You like jackets, don’t you? Wanna wear two at once? Of course you do. Marshall Artist and K-Way have made that futuristic pipe-dream a reality…

French pac-a-mac authority K-Way have teamed up with UK-based Marshall Artist to create this verging-on-the-bonkers reversible waterproof phenomenon. It comes with all the standard K-Way details and, as usual, packs away really neatly for that extra special trainspotting look, it is also equipped with the added bonus of giving you the option of looking like you might be from the future, or off of Star Wars. A reverse, emblazoned with an angular futuristic camouflage, provides you with twice the amount of jacket that you paid for.


Whether you fancy the stoic, middle-distance stare and  hands-in-pockets at a service station green option, or the more flamboyant Guile-from-Street Fighter-becomes-a-football-hooligan look, it’s a jacket that deserves your attention. K-Way have been knocking out waterproof coats since 1965 and Marshall Artist are fast imposing themselves as a respected name in menswe… coats and that. Besides, if you turn up at a music festival this summer without a K-Way all your mates are going to laugh at you and probably wee on your tent whilst you’re trying to have a sleep.

This space-age delight is available from Steeple Pine, an online store brought to you by the people behind Distant Echo. Expect all the same customer service, rapid postage and jealous glances at the pub.


Marshall Artist X K-Way at Steeple Pine

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