Master-Piece X FDMTL collection

The lads and lasses at Master-Piece in Japan are clearly experts at making bags. Their website looks like a Ridley Scot film and their product descriptions are written by someone who obviously thought James Joyce demonstrated too much brevity. Luckily a few stores over here have snapped-up the highlights of their new collection so you can avoid undertaking an MA before choosing your bag. There are still plenty of highlights to choose from tbh. It’s like an episode of MOTD where every game was at least a 6-goal-thriller and it overruns meaning the Scottish highlights don’t start until half-past-midnight.

To run with that analogy far-longer than necessary, the first match shown would feature the pieces from the Master-Piece X FDMTL Indigo collection. Deffo taking inspiration from them patchwork jeans that hippies were still wearing when I was a kid, the collection features a backpack, daypack and what they’re calling a waistpack, which is a bumbag to you and me (or fannypack if you’re American or a lolz merchant). They’re all a bit weird-looking but in a totally good way. I personally think they’re fucking awesome dude!

Despite appearing like jeans a patchouli-oiled drop-out would rock to a Grateful Dead show, the range is actually more technical than them Lego sets that cost two hundred quid. I’d list some of the tech-spec but there’s not enough bandwidth available. Instead you can go and have a look at End, Well Gosh or somewhere.









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