Men of Style – Josh Sims


Hey Josh mate, really love the new book, it’s genuinely brilliant with some amazing archive photos that I’ve never seen before and there’s some really insightful and eye-opening info on how everyone from Winston Churchill to Bob Marley have helped shape the face of modern menswear. Just the one question though, why am I not in it?” Ok I’m just being daft because ‘Men of Style’ by our mate Josh Sims is an impressive body of work that belongs on the shelves of anyone who has even a passing interest in the world of male clothing whether you’re a (Tommy) nutter for cutting edge fashion or you just want to dress like Steve McQueen or JFK for the rest of your life.In fact Josh has managed to get a lot of my heroes in here including Serge Gainsbourg, Ralph Lauren, Jim Morrison, Andy Warhol and David Hockney so I’ll forgive him for forgetting to put me in.

Published by Laurence King Men of Style by Josh Sims will be available to buy in October.





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