Menswear Illustration (Thames & Hudson)


Menswear IllustrationAs we’ve all gone a bit mental for menswear it seems that we’ve also embraced the wild and wonderful world of illustration alongside our creaking wardrobes.

From fine-line pencil drawings to cubist masterpieces, any brand worth wearing these days has been presented to us in the kind of artistic forms more worthy of being observed at the Louvre rather than on the loo. Menswear Illustration has captured this recent phenomenon by showcasing a multitude of diverse paintings, drawings and digital designs from a new generation of artists from around the globe. For me nothing sums up this new wave of illustration better than the thoroughly ace Aitor Throup the man responsible for getting us excited about Mille Miglias again and whose futuristic, military creations are featured here in full effect. It’s worth mentioning that if you like this kind of stuff then author Richard Kilroy also publishes Decoy Magazine which is devoted to fashion illustration and well worth a look.

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