Mental Spring Summer Gear from Soulland

Soulland made their name on the back of a strong t-shirt game before growing into a fully fledged, full scale, decent as fuck label. Previous collections have had themes ranging from Marxist political branding of the middle classes to the use of slogans about space, time and other complicated stuff like that. The latter being lifted straight from Stephen Hawking’s dissertation in his first BSc. degree.

This latest collection, available at Cartocon, doesn’t do any of that though, it has more depth than face value politics and scientific references. Mental jacquard woven cotton with patterns like a magic eye deliver a straight up fire-up-a-spliff-on-the-beach-and-have-a-barbecue surfadelic kind of vibe instead. Either that or it’s at least suitable for enjoying some flame grilled chicken wings in your mate’s back garden, whilst drinking a can and listening to an iPod playing through a docking station, hoping to God it doesn’t bloody rain again.

Yes it is. It is the exact same kind of vibe.

Soulland-Ishod-Hooded-Jacket-1-1000x1000 Soulland-Ishod-Hooded-Jacket-2-1000x1000 Soulland-Ishod-Hooded-Jacket-3-1000x1000 Soulland-Ishod-Hooded-Jacket-5-1000x1000 Soulland-Ishod-Hooded-Jacket-7-1000x1000 Soulland-Kyle-Jacket-5-1000x1000 Soulland-Kyle-Jacket-8-1000x1000 Soulland-Kyle-Jacket1-1000x1000 Soulland-Schredder-Shorts-21-1000x1000 Soulland-Schredder-Shorts-1000x1000Soulland-Samuel-Shirt-1-1000x1000Soulland-Samuel-Shirt-2-1000x1000Soulland-Samuel-Shirt-6-1000x1000Cartocon

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