MHL by Margaret Howell Basic Tee at Peggs & Son


“More tee’s vicar!” is the cry, as this one, by the Maggie everybody likes, equals a sure fire way of winning at t-shirts once again this summer.

Look at you, sat there, basking in the post-work, heavily polluted, evening sunshine, with a cool beer in your hand and an even cooler tee from Margaret Howell on your back. When it’s hot – and it is gonna be, this summer – you don’t want to be fussing around with buttons and collars and long sleeves and all that stuff, do you? No, we hear you, cool simplicity is key. And this tee offers just that.

A comfortable, regular fit, made from a cotton-linen blend, with a double stitched hem, means it’ll hang nicely too. So, it will keep you feeling cool, as well as looking it; what with the natural, flecked grey colour and bold black print across your chest. It doesn’t look like gaffer tape, knob head. It’s basic.

And basic is good


Available at Peggs & Son


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