Millican: James the Duffle bag

Meet my new best mate James, yes I know he doesn’t say much but what he lacks in social skills he more than makes up for in making me look really cool and carrying all my stuff around for me. Why are you looking at me like that? Yes I know I’m slightly mental when it comes to bags but this versatile rucksack is actually called ‘James’ how about that? In fact all the marvellous bags and accessories made by Keswick brand Millican are named after friends of theirs from the local community, with the brand name itself a reference to Millican Dalton, a Lakeland Guide and Climber who lived in the early 1900s, renowned for making his own rucksacks, clothes and sleeping bags.

So back to my James, a duffle bag that I can confirm is as good as it looks in the photos (if not better). Though I’m not sure about its human namesake’s qualities the actual design is inspired by the bags used by Spanish and Portuguese sailors in the early 17th century, which were made from the leftover scraps of fabric used to repair ship’s sails. This coarse, sturdy material was imported from its one supplier in the town ofDuffel,Belgium– and so the Duffel (now mostly called Duffle) Bag was born.








Though I’m sure it could hold it’s own on the high seas with it’s hard-wearing weatherproofed organic 20 oz cotton canvas and vegetable tanned leather straps I’ll be using mine for weekend breaks abroad (like in this vid). At 35 litres volume James is big enough to fit all your essentials in (it even has a hidden pocket for valuables) and still be classed as hand luggage. I just hope James doesn’t need his own passport, he doesn’t does he? He’s just a bag. A really brilliant bag though.

Available in Slate Green and Antique Bronze HERE



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