Millican: Maverick Collection


To me a decent bag is a serious investment, one that’s right up there alongside a 140z pair of raw jeans or the kind of well put together coat that will probably see more winters than I will.

For a great bag is going to be there for the long haul and therefore needs to have a timeless appeal as well as being hardy enough to fall down a mountain/tube-station escalator without displaying all it’s precious cargo at the bottom. Step forward Millican’s new Maverick collection, which features a selection of futuristic looking bags made using Bionic® Canvas and as few separate panels as possible thus minimising the amount of seams involved and increasing their all round hardness. They’re also super light, highly waterproof and use aluminium rather than plastic for all their tough, structural bits.

I’ve recently taken delivery of the Miles duffle bag in a wonderful yellowy Gorse colour and it really is rather special. And believe me when I say that as someone lucky enough to own quite a few amazing bags. Despite being more durable than a Evil Knievel’s pelvis it still looks like the kind of suave weekend bag an Italian architect would take with him on a business trip to Barcelona. As well as the duffle there’s also a Maverick version of Millican’s fantastic Smith roll-pack in 18 or 25 Litre sizes, which is ideally suited to daily commutes and stashing your laptop though still big enough for a weekend away provided it’s not in Siberia. Although Millican have only been around since 2008 they are already right ‘up there’ with the world’s other makers of high quality outdoor products. Now they’ve made it in the bag business, I really think it’s time they started making some bionic jackets too.

Get yourself a bloody lovely, lightweight, long-lasting bag here. 





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