Millican Packs at Working Class Heroes

I wish I lived in the Lake District as not only is it chock full of amazing scenery, great pubs, lovely food and really friendly folk but it’s also home to Working Class Heroes and Millican. Though the former is in the South and the latter in the North of the Lake District there’s a lot of common ground between these two with both of them having a keen eye for excellent products that are as functional as they are great to look at. Tom, Rob and Edd from WCH recently popped up North to Keswick for a look around the Millican HQ to peruse their wonderful wares, have a brew and take home some packs to sell in their ace Ulverston store. After admiring the stunning views outside and feeling the equally impressive quality of their bionic canvas goods on the inside they returned with an incredible haul of weatherproof roll packs and ruck sacks in a variety of superb colours. If you’ve yet to experience the joys of a Millican bag then you’re in for a genuine treat as they’re really cleverly designed, extremely well made and are as suitable for city-centric commuting as much as they are for genuine, hardcore outdoor use. As someone who’s done a fair bit of rambling o’er hill and (Arn)dale I know my way around a decent pack and I reckon to find another bag of similar quality and craftsmanship to a Millican would cost you at least another £100, though it still wouldn’t look anywhere near as cool. Lake District? Great District more like.

Shop the Millican range at WCH here.


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