Mission Workshop R2 Arkiv® Field Pack

How many really useful things do you own that also has a life-time guarantee? Not many I’ll wager, unless of course (like us) you’re bang into your bags and have discovered Mission Workshop and their multi-functional Arkiv® Modular Bag System. The non-nonsense, hard-wearing, minimalist design of their wax canvas R2 Field pack belies the kind of military functionality that would have Andy McNabb bunging his Bergen onto a bonfire in embarrassment. These nigh-on indestructible bags are made using a system that allows the wearer to evolve and adapt the bag to their own specific needs, meaning you can add all manner of accessories (via the two rails on the pack) depending on your “mission” in a variety of sizes without looking like you’re playing some kind of human Buckaroo. The pack can also be used in either “roll-top” mode, or in a traditional “flap-down” configuration, has one external zippered pocket for items like a phone or passport, and one interior zippered pocket that is ideal for documents and fits up to a 15” laptop. The Arkiv backpacks feature multiple weatherproof compartments, urethane coated YKK zippers, waterproof materials and an internal frame sheet. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a very, very special bag to pack….

Workshop R2 Arkiv Field Pack is available now from


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