[Mix] Honey-K : The Beginning of Happiness

Adrian Hoenicke (see what he did there) hails out of Zurich, Switzerland and has a slight obsession for picking out a good record or two. So just imagine our delight when we recieved an email with a mix from him out of the blue.

What’s particulary unique (to us) about the mix is he’s carefully taken the time to intertwine film samples around the music, giving it a ‘rom-com’ type vibe to it – trust me, it work’s. If anything you can play the guessing game to what film it features from.


I recently had the pleasure of driving the North Coast 500 with two of my closest friends a few weeks back. The scenery was immense as was the weather, just a pity we didn’t have this soundtrack to accompany us, as this would’ve been another perfect companion.


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