[Mix] Misha Geleyn : Same Time, Different Place.

I had the fortunate opportunity of visiting Moscow in my younger years – it was still the era of the Cold War, communism was in full flight and Lada’s were all the rage, it was only a week but I loved it there. Fast forward *ahem* a few years and this month’s mix coincidently (yes, piss poor connection) comes from a gentleman from the capital of Russia: Misha Geleyn.

Misha has an upcoming track featured on the forthcoming Macadam Mambo EP, it’s a special compilation of official cuts made by friends of the label, mostly very obscure tracks – Misha’s behind a tasteful edit of 1.Futurologischer Congress “Körperwarme” (link below).

Here’s few words from Michael about the mix: Decided to compose this mix of tracks which best fit to the beginning of party. All of them were recorded in early and mid 80’s: some synth pop, some jazz funk, a little bit of French boogie, slowed down italo and Brazilian disco. Don’t know how it’s going on in the UK, but here in Moscow the first warm days of spring finally came and made this kind of sound especially apropos.

Sun is kinda shining here today too – so yeah, very appropriate.



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